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A handwritten copy of the Qur’an (rlms_4928) found among Ramamala’s collection of Sanskrit works." (Photograph: Benjamin Fleming - Ramamala Library Project)


View from inside a silodrome, also known as The Wall of Death.

Spectators in northern Bangladesh await for the show to begin. Men will stunt ride motorbikes, usually 200cc or smaller, on this track. It’s one of the best shows anyone will witness in their lifetime.


Fishing with otters: Age-old Bangladeshi tradition involves harnessing mammals up like reindeer as they chase fish into nets

Fishermen in Narail, 130 miles from capital Dhaka, use the otters to lure fish into their nets

In 25 years the number of families otter fishing has dropped from 500 to 150

Expert Mohammed Feeroz fears that if the trend continues otter fishing will be ‘wiped out’ within 20 years

The fishermen spend around half of their £150 earnings each month buying feed for the otters

Rivers in the area are now short of fish because of water pollution and overcatching

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Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport

Dhaka | Bangladesh


A rainy day out at Shaheed Minar - of reflections, silence, and sheer beauty.

There was a story attached to each of these ponds. The saints, when they were still alive, had been insulted or attacked by evil men. With their magical powers, they had turned the evildoers into fish, turtles or crocodiles. They could have utterly destroyed them, we were told, but the holy men were merciful and they had set up places of pilgrimage where travellers would gather and feed those unfortunate souls into eternity,

Mahmud Rahman in Killing the Water.